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So today imma start my post with a little bit of flaunting my natural fro.. My wash and go! There’s no better feeling walking along these streets and over 10 ladies asking what wig /weave I’m wearing… You should always see the broad smile on my face when I innocently answer “it’s neither a wig nor a weave, it’s my natural hair…not even once have I ever applied chemical since birth”… Oh yes, answering even questions no one asked about😆😆… The look on their faces after my response, PRICELESS😊😊😊… Always fulfilling!!

Enough of my natural fro for today… Now on to my outfit. This was my Saturday #ootd for your information and I slayed that simple street look!!



I’m rocking grey ragged Lewis_denim boyfriend pants,an orange college double-slit dress and black Graceland brogues.  I coupled up this ensemble with black vintage sunnies,a black Calvin-Klein watch, the winning dark purple matte finish lippie and I never left behind my nude handbag which is my current obsession. I love nude because it speaks class and goes with literally all the colours you’d ever think of. Nude is very neutral and a must have.

The only accessories I did for this outfit are my earrings, my black watch and a simple gold bracelet which never leaves my wrist. I love it!!

This is a simple perfect Street look for your very casual daily routines/duties.   To get a more sophisticated look, just throw in a pair of sexy black sandal heels and strut these streets like you own them! Heels has its way of transforming one into a hotter, more confident woman in seconds!

Oh, did I mention I enjoyed this shoot so much because I was in flat shoes and my legs ddnt hurt a bit? 😆😆..

Get your street look game on point….Stay  simple,  stay edgy, stay comfortable 😎😎.




My style screams SIMPLICITY!Because simplicity breeds elegance,class and comfortability!Theres no single day i’d wear something i don’t feel comfortable in!

Today I’m rocking a camo bodycon skirt with a black crop top and 6″ red heelz!Such a simple look,yet so elegant!

I am a huge fun of crop tops and  figure hugging outfits such that every other time I go shopping for official clothes,I usually end up home with a bunch of crop tops and midis!The struggle is so real!I feel sexy  and comfortable in them so why not fill up my clozet with the same😉?

Now back to my outfit…camo entails a combination of four shades that cannot be paired with just any random colour.The only colours that suits camo best are black and red and obviously denim,most preferably a blue denim shirt or jacket.

I accessoried my simple outfit with a pearl necklace and a pair of pearl earrings.In my accessories, pearls stays winning all day because they have a pure touch of class and goes nearly with every kind of an outfit . I opted for the red heelz instead of black to spice up this outfit as black would make the outfit look rather dull!For my conservative ladies who can’t strut around town with this lace crop top,just throw in a denim jacket and the look will be so complete and the sexy bit of the whole outfit will remain intact!And please let’s all stick to a black bra for this particular outfit😊

Are you and your girls planning a night out next weekend?Do you have a fashion event you’re attending soon?Do you have that date with that we’ll built guy who gives you butterflies in your stomach😜?You sure want to look sexy during these three occasions and this outfit right here got you covered!!