So today imma start my post with a little bit of flaunting my natural fro.. My wash and go! There’s no better feeling walking along these streets and over 10 ladies asking what wig /weave I’m wearing… You should always see the broad smile on my face when I innocently answer “it’s neither a wig nor a weave, it’s my natural hair…not even once have I ever applied chemical since birth”… Oh yes, answering even questions no one asked aboutπŸ˜†πŸ˜†… The look on their faces after my response, PRICELESS😊😊😊… Always fulfilling!!

Enough of my natural fro for today… Now on to my outfit. This was my Saturday #ootd for your information and I slayed that simple street look!!

!Β C360_2015-10-24-16-14-08-309


I’m rocking grey ragged Lewis_denim boyfriend pants,an orange college double-slit dress and black Graceland brogues. Β I coupled up this ensemble with black vintage sunnies,a black Calvin-Klein watch, the winning dark purple matte finish lippie and I never left behind my nude handbag which is my current obsession. I love nude because it speaks class and goes with literally all the colours you’d ever think of. Nude is very neutral and a must have.

The only accessories I did for this outfit are my earrings, my black watch and a simple gold bracelet which never leaves my wrist. I love it!!

This is a simple perfect Street look for your very casual daily routines/duties. Β  To get a more sophisticated look, just throw in a pair of sexy black sandal heels and strut these streets like you own them! Heels has its way of transforming one into a hotter, more confident woman in seconds!

Oh, did I mention I enjoyed this shoot so much because I was in flat shoes and my legs ddnt hurt a bit? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†..

Get your street look game on point….Stay Β simple,Β Β stay edgy, stay comfortable 😎😎.


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