Monthly Archives: November 2015



So yesterday being a holiday… I decided to do what I enjoy doing most… Something that makes me really happy… And turn my dull days soo bright…. Taking pics for my blog!!

Right here is a black maxi tulle skirt with a knee length grey lining paired up with a black strapless corset and these winning  black sandal heels! I threw in this blue denim jacket on top . the reason I love denims so much is because they are all purpose and they are suitable for any weather condition!



I accessorized this outfit with this statement pearl-neckpiece,gold coco-channel earrings and a gold-chain bracelet and the look was super complete. And oh yes the make up is bold… That dark purple matte finish lippie is everything!!!



Yaaaasss… Today it’s all about black and white!! The two easiest colours to pair up and accessorize.

What could look more appealing than this winning  white bodycon lace skirt paired up with this tailored polka dot crop top and a pair of black marie claire sandal heelz? This outfit speaks volumes…and it speaks for itself!Yet again… preaching simplicity with a touch of class and elegance!

These sandal Heelz right here are currently winning in my shoe rack! They are very comfortable… Generally sandal heelz are super comfy and a lady shouldn’t lack them whatsoever 😊. The perfect thing about them is that they can be styled with literally all kinds of outfits… From that lazy Street look to a more serious professional look like an office wear! And what’s more… these heelz are just so classy!

I did minimal accessory for this particular outfit.A gold chocker neck piece, gold pearl earrings and the gold bracelet were just enough. I threw in a black leather handbag just because I wanted the theme to remain strictly black and white. I however did bold make up.. and it goes without saying that my Hot pink matte finish lippie added a thousand lives to this outfit! 

This outfit suits best night events….that fashion show, that dinner date, that night out with your squad, that cocktail party and all… Slay all the way through! You do not have to freeze and shine though😆…Just throw in a denim jacket and the sexy elegant look will still remain intact!!