HELLO 2016

So the other day I prepared myself to go to town to hang out with my friends and being a camera addict, I decided to take one or two pics for the gram.And here I am posting my ‘gram pics’  on the blog, coz I had really really missed it here!!

So before I embark on my outfit, I just want to wish every one a happy happy new year. May 2016 be your year of favour, prosperity, hard work, success, happiness, blessings after blessings, good health, wealth and may everyone’s prayers and heart desires come true. May 2016 be your year!!

I had been away from the blog for a while now. I got so  busy-work plus the festivities, but now I’m back😎!! God knows how much I missed this blog!

So my first 2016 post… I’m wearing a knee length black and white with shades of grey printed bodycon dress with a sheer back. if you ddnt know, anything with prints makes my heart swoon! Oh yes I LOOOOVEEE prints . I paired up the dress with these winning black kardashian heelz.

I coupled up this ensemble with a crystal white prada sling bag, my current obsession😍, and the look was complete. Such a simple classic  look , isn’t it?  And yes, my cactus geek specs and a blue watch are the only accessories  I’m wearing 😊!!


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