When everyone else was out there dining on Valentine’s Day ,I was out here doing what I love doing best -having an outdoor shoot for my blog.It was indeed a very fantastic day for me.

To go straight to my outfit, I am a rocking a lovely black leather skater skirt which is my current obsession,a simple monochrome fitting blouse and these turquoise Valentino heels.very simple yet such an elegant look!

The only accessories i did for  this outfit is a simple gold necklace paired up with gold studs and the black leather belt that came with the skirt added some life to this whole outfit.

I decided to do bright colored heelz to avoid the black and white monotony and the shoes sure did justice to this outfit.

The reason I love skaters so much is that you can always play around with them to fit every occasion…ranging from a very simple casual look by throwing in a pair of converse shoes to a very classic look by just adding a pair of sexy heels to give it a more serious look!!



















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