The weekend is approaching and I know y’all ladies have one or two events to attend and as it has always been ,we are all up and down thinking of what to wear to that particular event.

As we all know ,the ‘front slit’ has been trending for quite a long time now!I Iike being unique,so unique that I never want to walk along the streets and see someone else rocking the very same outfit as mine ,just a different colour!

Ive always been a huge fan of front slits….a huge huge fan,but then every other front slit I come across has always been the common ones…..till I came across this peach midi front slit skirt with beaded details and I simply could not resist it,for obvious reasons that it’s sexy and very very unique!

So today I’m wearing my peach  midi front slit skirt,a black body suit with lace details on the back and these sky blue red-bottoms pointed heels!The only accessory I did for this outfit is the gold neck piece and voila!My look was super complete!

This is an ideal outfit for a fashion event,a dinner date or a night out with the girls!Keep your wardrobe up to date by finding yourself a rare front slit and rocking it like a boss….sure as hell that you ain’t gonna see no one else putting it on 😀!

Happy weekend loves ❣!



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