imageYaaaass!Been a minute huh?I missed it here.Books are taking a tall on me but I’ll try my best balance it between here and books!

Nuff said,let’s get straight to business 😃.


Today i have coupled up this deep grey crotchet skirt with a rare white turtle neck lace top and these sexy  two-toned pointed heels!This is a very comfortable and classy look suitable for all occasions,including that dress down Friday in the office.To add a little bit of decency to this outfit while in office,all you need to do is throw in a blazer to tone down the lace!


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The only accessory I’m wearing  with this outfit is the gold loop earrings because it goes perfect with my fro,oh yes natural hair does care 😃.Sometimes it becomes tricky to accessorize these turtle neck tops because you can’t put them on with just any type of a neck piece and therefore one has to be very careful in choosing the right neckpiece.

Parting shot:Lets avoid putting on loop earrings ,especially these big ones ,with neck pieces.It steals away the simplicity and elegance in an outfit.Once too much goes on on the ears and the neck,that jumbled up with screaming make up,the glam in your outfit fades away because full concentration is placed  on the face.Embrace simplicity,maintain class 😉.

Happy reading and happy weekend sweethearts!😘











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