Let’s take a break from the monotonous plaid shirts and embrace this 100% chiq plaid A-line skirt that I am rocking today 😍How I’m in love with this skirt 🙆🏻!love being very unique when it comes to my dressing and that’s why I went for this very rare green plaid A-line  skirt.I coupled it up with the black spageti top and my two-toned pointed heels which are obviously my current obsession.Such a simple look that speaks volumes of elegance.Theres absolutely nowhere you’d go unnoticed rocking such a plaid skirt;that’s how outstanding it is!

I am wearing a bold gold neck piece with gold ear dots and a gold bracelet to brighten up the outfit and give it a more youthful look.

Again,this is one outfit you can rock anytime of the day ,anywhere!!

imageimage image


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