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This is the ME I'd introduce to the world! A young ,determined and ambitious Kenyan girl trying to pursue her dreams. Bridgit loves God,Family,Fashion,Music,Art,Food,LAW and generally loves life. Yes I'm a lawyer by profession!

It’s been like forever since I last posted here 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪….I’ve been busy busy busy…can’t wait for the year to end … year I’m gonna revive this blog and it’s gonna be on fire.I miss it too much but then again,I have to prioritize other things …careeer first 😊😊.

so the other day I did a very random photo shoot .This is an ideal outfit for a night out ….SLAYAGE lovies!!



Let’s take a break from the monotonous plaid shirts and embrace this 100% chiq plaid A-line skirt that I am rocking today 😍How I’m in love with this skirt 🙆🏻!love being very unique when it comes to my dressing and that’s why I went for this very rare green plaid A-line  skirt.I coupled it up with the black spageti top and my two-toned pointed heels which are obviously my current obsession.Such a simple look that speaks volumes of elegance.Theres absolutely nowhere you’d go unnoticed rocking such a plaid skirt;that’s how outstanding it is!

I am wearing a bold gold neck piece with gold ear dots and a gold bracelet to brighten up the outfit and give it a more youthful look.

Again,this is one outfit you can rock anytime of the day ,anywhere!!

imageimage image




imageYaaaass!Been a minute huh?I missed it here.Books are taking a tall on me but I’ll try my best balance it between here and books!

Nuff said,let’s get straight to business 😃.


Today i have coupled up this deep grey crotchet skirt with a rare white turtle neck lace top and these sexy  two-toned pointed heels!This is a very comfortable and classy look suitable for all occasions,including that dress down Friday in the office.To add a little bit of decency to this outfit while in office,all you need to do is throw in a blazer to tone down the lace!


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The only accessory I’m wearing  with this outfit is the gold loop earrings because it goes perfect with my fro,oh yes natural hair does care 😃.Sometimes it becomes tricky to accessorize these turtle neck tops because you can’t put them on with just any type of a neck piece and therefore one has to be very careful in choosing the right neckpiece.

Parting shot:Lets avoid putting on loop earrings ,especially these big ones ,with neck pieces.It steals away the simplicity and elegance in an outfit.Once too much goes on on the ears and the neck,that jumbled up with screaming make up,the glam in your outfit fades away because full concentration is placed  on the face.Embrace simplicity,maintain class 😉.

Happy reading and happy weekend sweethearts!😘













The weekend is approaching and I know y’all ladies have one or two events to attend and as it has always been ,we are all up and down thinking of what to wear to that particular event.

As we all know ,the ‘front slit’ has been trending for quite a long time now!I Iike being unique,so unique that I never want to walk along the streets and see someone else rocking the very same outfit as mine ,just a different colour!

Ive always been a huge fan of front slits….a huge huge fan,but then every other front slit I come across has always been the common ones…..till I came across this peach midi front slit skirt with beaded details and I simply could not resist it,for obvious reasons that it’s sexy and very very unique!

So today I’m wearing my peach  midi front slit skirt,a black body suit with lace details on the back and these sky blue red-bottoms pointed heels!The only accessory I did for this outfit is the gold neck piece and voila!My look was super complete!

This is an ideal outfit for a fashion event,a dinner date or a night out with the girls!Keep your wardrobe up to date by finding yourself a rare front slit and rocking it like a boss….sure as hell that you ain’t gonna see no one else putting it on 😀!

Happy weekend loves ❣!







When everyone else was out there dining on Valentine’s Day ,I was out here doing what I love doing best -having an outdoor shoot for my blog.It was indeed a very fantastic day for me.

To go straight to my outfit, I am a rocking a lovely black leather skater skirt which is my current obsession,a simple monochrome fitting blouse and these turquoise Valentino heels.very simple yet such an elegant look!

The only accessories i did for  this outfit is a simple gold necklace paired up with gold studs and the black leather belt that came with the skirt added some life to this whole outfit.

I decided to do bright colored heelz to avoid the black and white monotony and the shoes sure did justice to this outfit.

The reason I love skaters so much is that you can always play around with them to fit every occasion…ranging from a very simple casual look by throwing in a pair of converse shoes to a very classic look by just adding a pair of sexy heels to give it a more serious look!!



















HELLO 2016

So the other day I prepared myself to go to town to hang out with my friends and being a camera addict, I decided to take one or two pics for the gram.And here I am posting my ‘gram pics’  on the blog, coz I had really really missed it here!!

So before I embark on my outfit, I just want to wish every one a happy happy new year. May 2016 be your year of favour, prosperity, hard work, success, happiness, blessings after blessings, good health, wealth and may everyone’s prayers and heart desires come true. May 2016 be your year!!

I had been away from the blog for a while now. I got so  busy-work plus the festivities, but now I’m back😎!! God knows how much I missed this blog!

So my first 2016 post… I’m wearing a knee length black and white with shades of grey printed bodycon dress with a sheer back. if you ddnt know, anything with prints makes my heart swoon! Oh yes I LOOOOVEEE prints . I paired up the dress with these winning black kardashian heelz.

I coupled up this ensemble with a crystal white prada sling bag, my current obsession😍, and the look was complete. Such a simple classic  look , isn’t it?  And yes, my cactus geek specs and a blue watch are the only accessories  I’m wearing 😊!!




So yesterday being a holiday… I decided to do what I enjoy doing most… Something that makes me really happy… And turn my dull days soo bright…. Taking pics for my blog!!

Right here is a black maxi tulle skirt with a knee length grey lining paired up with a black strapless corset and these winning  black sandal heels! I threw in this blue denim jacket on top . the reason I love denims so much is because they are all purpose and they are suitable for any weather condition!



I accessorized this outfit with this statement pearl-neckpiece,gold coco-channel earrings and a gold-chain bracelet and the look was super complete. And oh yes the make up is bold… That dark purple matte finish lippie is everything!!!



Yaaaasss… Today it’s all about black and white!! The two easiest colours to pair up and accessorize.

What could look more appealing than this winning  white bodycon lace skirt paired up with this tailored polka dot crop top and a pair of black marie claire sandal heelz? This outfit speaks volumes…and it speaks for itself!Yet again… preaching simplicity with a touch of class and elegance!

These sandal Heelz right here are currently winning in my shoe rack! They are very comfortable… Generally sandal heelz are super comfy and a lady shouldn’t lack them whatsoever 😊. The perfect thing about them is that they can be styled with literally all kinds of outfits… From that lazy Street look to a more serious professional look like an office wear! And what’s more… these heelz are just so classy!

I did minimal accessory for this particular outfit.A gold chocker neck piece, gold pearl earrings and the gold bracelet were just enough. I threw in a black leather handbag just because I wanted the theme to remain strictly black and white. I however did bold make up.. and it goes without saying that my Hot pink matte finish lippie added a thousand lives to this outfit! 

This outfit suits best night events….that fashion show, that dinner date, that night out with your squad, that cocktail party and all… Slay all the way through! You do not have to freeze and shine though😆…Just throw in a denim jacket and the sexy elegant look will still remain intact!!








So today imma start my post with a little bit of flaunting my natural fro.. My wash and go! There’s no better feeling walking along these streets and over 10 ladies asking what wig /weave I’m wearing… You should always see the broad smile on my face when I innocently answer “it’s neither a wig nor a weave, it’s my natural hair…not even once have I ever applied chemical since birth”… Oh yes, answering even questions no one asked about😆😆… The look on their faces after my response, PRICELESS😊😊😊… Always fulfilling!!

Enough of my natural fro for today… Now on to my outfit. This was my Saturday #ootd for your information and I slayed that simple street look!!



I’m rocking grey ragged Lewis_denim boyfriend pants,an orange college double-slit dress and black Graceland brogues.  I coupled up this ensemble with black vintage sunnies,a black Calvin-Klein watch, the winning dark purple matte finish lippie and I never left behind my nude handbag which is my current obsession. I love nude because it speaks class and goes with literally all the colours you’d ever think of. Nude is very neutral and a must have.

The only accessories I did for this outfit are my earrings, my black watch and a simple gold bracelet which never leaves my wrist. I love it!!

This is a simple perfect Street look for your very casual daily routines/duties.   To get a more sophisticated look, just throw in a pair of sexy black sandal heels and strut these streets like you own them! Heels has its way of transforming one into a hotter, more confident woman in seconds!

Oh, did I mention I enjoyed this shoot so much because I was in flat shoes and my legs ddnt hurt a bit? 😆😆..

Get your street look game on point….Stay  simple,  stay edgy, stay comfortable 😎😎.




My style screams SIMPLICITY!Because simplicity breeds elegance,class and comfortability!Theres no single day i’d wear something i don’t feel comfortable in!

Today I’m rocking a camo bodycon skirt with a black crop top and 6″ red heelz!Such a simple look,yet so elegant!

I am a huge fun of crop tops and  figure hugging outfits such that every other time I go shopping for official clothes,I usually end up home with a bunch of crop tops and midis!The struggle is so real!I feel sexy  and comfortable in them so why not fill up my clozet with the same😉?

Now back to my outfit…camo entails a combination of four shades that cannot be paired with just any random colour.The only colours that suits camo best are black and red and obviously denim,most preferably a blue denim shirt or jacket.

I accessoried my simple outfit with a pearl necklace and a pair of pearl earrings.In my accessories, pearls stays winning all day because they have a pure touch of class and goes nearly with every kind of an outfit . I opted for the red heelz instead of black to spice up this outfit as black would make the outfit look rather dull!For my conservative ladies who can’t strut around town with this lace crop top,just throw in a denim jacket and the look will be so complete and the sexy bit of the whole outfit will remain intact!And please let’s all stick to a black bra for this particular outfit😊

Are you and your girls planning a night out next weekend?Do you have a fashion event you’re attending soon?Do you have that date with that we’ll built guy who gives you butterflies in your stomach😜?You sure want to look sexy during these three occasions and this outfit right here got you covered!!