C360_2015-09-26-17-25-21-094-1 C360_2015-09-26-17-25-52-716 C360_2015-09-26-17-23-16-762-1 C360_2015-09-26-17-20-41-116-1C360_2015-09-26-17-28-10-463-1 C360_2015-09-26-17-27-24-515-1You want to know what’s the latest trend?its BALMAINS!!!!!you already know what you need to add to your closet!

What could look more sexy and appealing than a pair of off white balmain pants,a black body suit ,black Kardashian collection heelz and a leather – denim-lace jacket?

So simple,yet so chiq and classy!!Stay simple,stay classy ,stay glam!😊


  1. IMG_20150921_144433IMG_20150921_144456IMG_20150921_144406On an ordinary day,I would rock my all black chiffon shirt dress with some bright coloured gladiator sandals,a chiq sling bag and some cat-eyed sunnies and step out with utmost confidence of having all the amazing complements coming my way☺!But oh no😡, my eye sight can’t allow me to rock sunnies so I’d stick to my geek specs and still have that simple,edgy look.                                                       Well well well,we all know how bad shirt dresses are currently trending and I wouldn’t mind having like 10 pieces in my clozet!I’m that obsessed!They are very simple yet so stylish and can be worn to nearly all events!To me they are one of those outfits that never goes out of fashion!                          So I decided to dress up my shirt dress to give it a more mature,classy,and an elegant look.Being black,I paired it up with some bright coloured heelz,turquoise Valentinoz, to give the outfit a more cheerful look!The chain belt acted as my accessory hence I needed no neckpiece.I completed the look by putting on some triangle-gold earrings and a black structured clutch bag,not forgetting my bright-coloured lippie!Such a simple yet so chiq look,right?                                       Stay simple,stay classy,stay elegant!

FACT:Sugar isn’t good for your intestines ….FACT:Sugar can do magic to your skin!

If you ask me,there is no better natural exfoliant than brown sugar!it does not tear the skin .sugar scrub is one of the simplest and most basic natural scrubs I know.It is my all time favourite scrub and trust me you want to try this out already and see the amazing results for yourself!I know you want nothing less than a smooth,blemish-free skin!Just grab your purse already,walk to the nearest supermarket and purchase a well refined white/brown sugar specifically for a weekly routine sugar face-scrub….your skin will thank you!!

Sugar can be mixed with a variety of other natural ingredients to make a face scrub. ..but in this post ,all we will need is sugar….Brown sugar ,but you can as well use a basic well refined white sugar.

Here is the procedure of using white/brown sugar as as a face scrub . it’s as easy as you wish life could be 😊!

1.wash off your make up thoroughly with luke warm water and use a soft face cloth to gently scrub off the makeup.You can either use a facial soap or even the basic bar soap…whichever suits your skin best!

This is one of the easiest natural ways of washing off your make up every night before retiring to bed.The luke warm water helps in opening up the pores.It is advisable to use cold water in the final rinse as it closes the pores.Do not use hot water in washing off your make up as it scalds the skin  and causes irritation and uncomfortability!

2.After washing off your make up,pat it with clean luke warm water for it to remain moist.Pour 1-2 teaspoon sugar in the palm of your hand.Add drops of water until the sugar becomes moist.Do not pour alot of water as the same will dissolve the sugar and make it less effective to be used as a face scrub.

Tip:Use fine grained brown /white sugar as large grains are likely to scratch your face;and who wants to  have scratches on their faces anyway?

3.Once the sugar is moist,apply it to your face and massage it GENTLY in a CIRCULAR motion to ensure the removal of dead skin.Keep on massaging until it forms a white precipitate.The white precipitate serves as a face mask.Leave it for about 10 minutes then rinse it off with luke warm water.Press the skin with a warm face cloth and ensure you pay attention to the sides of the nose and every other dry spot to ensure you wash off the sugar completely.

4 .Finish up by splashing your face with cold water as it closes the pores and gives the skin a pure sense of freshness.

5.Dry your face with a dry face cloth and apply a moisturiser of your choice as the same helps in hydrating the skin,leaving you with a beautiful,jealousy – inducing skin!😍😍

Repeat this every week,or do it twice in a week depending on your skin condition!

Voila!Getting a healthy,youthful,glowing skin is as easy as A,B,C,D!Clearly you don’t need to go out in the stores and buy those expensive facial clensers and scrubs ,do you?


Which part of your body do you adore most?The one you spend so much time on that you end up getting late for lectures,work,events,interviews,dates,church etc etc?The one you spend so much time on that you end up arguing every other day with your boyfriend/spouse,your mum,your auntie,your sister,your friends and everyone else in your circle because they always have to literally drag you out of the house because you are the sole reason they are always late?Personally my mum always quarreled until eventually she got used to it because the situation kept getting worse by the day.

That body part that  you spend so much time on that you’d rather miss that early morning lecture and console yourself with the availability  of handouts and that either way you have such a low concentration span so you will just be fine…the handouts will do you the justice that you desire….and oh yes i did miss a huge percentage of those early morning lectures my entire campus life,simply because I could not wake up early enough and find ample time to prepare and obviously, i could not stand stepping foot into that school without having that natural glow on my face!stop giving me that look already and being judgy hunnie,its never about attending those lectures,campus life is all about cramming the very last minute and acing those exams like a BOSS!crazy isn’t it?

That body part that when its not all dolled up you cannot even post a selfie for the gram…..i could go on and on and on……but i already know the answer ladies,i already know 🙂 and i know you do too!!

Wait on the next post darlings…giving you one of the natural ways of scrubbing your face to get that natural,smooth,fresh feeling all day!

Can someone give me a guess what you think it is? Here  is a hint….look no further than your pantry for the ingredients :-)!!You’re so anxious…i knoowww 😉


Well well well..this is my very first post  and i  basically want to introduce my blog-enlighten you what its all about.

I am one person who ADORES  fashion way too much and everything else that comes with it.

i am a ”naturalista”-i love doing things the natural way-very minimal chemicals involved.I therefore wish to share how i obtain a flawless and an ever glowing  skin.I never realized the value of my skin  until my 2nd year in Campus when i decided to participate in the search for  Mr. and Miss. Kenyatta University,School of Law,Parklands campus.The make-up artists on that big day were all awed by my skin tone et all.This is the evening i officially discovered i have ”that skin”.

I started getting amazing complements  from different people and in all the shoots i’ve ever participated in,the photographers are always …..always complementing my skin and encouraging me to make use of IT,and here is officially my first step of making use of my skin,sharing!

I have to admit that my good skin is God given and I just make it better by taking care of it to the best of my ability ,and that is what i am yet to share with the world in my blog.

In my articles,i will  major on taking care of  the face NATURALLY. I  will mainly feature make-up removal,steaming of the face,making face masks,natural face scrubs, and so much more.

i will also DEFINATELY do articles on fashion,dress you up for all the occasions in this world.Remember fashion is what you buy,but style is how you wear it 🙂 .Let’s get that GLAM LOOK,turn heads,break necks,because its a SLAY-AGE!let’s SLAY!

Get your skin glowing and look fresh,elegant ,classy ,sassy and edgy all day!Let’s dress to DEPRESS!!